Located in the heart of Tucker County, WV

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All our cabins are handicapped accessible and have all the comforts of home with a woodland atmosphere. A stocked trout creek runs beside the cabins and ponds for fishing access. 

We know the joy of the mountain life, and we are here to help you experience it, too. Enjoy river sports, woodland trails, fishing and more. We have handicapped access for most sports!

Campsites are right along the Cheat River, within walking distance of the General Store and Grill. Bring your family and friends and explore the nearby hiking trails and river sports soon! 

Honoring those who serve

Our mission

One of our goals is to generate enough revenue in the store,  the grill and cabin rentals to be able to allow any wounded veteran and his or her family that desires to come and visit Patriots4 to hunt and fish at no charge.  We want to house and feed them and provide them equipment if needed.  We will process their fish and game to take home with them...and, if they are lucky enough to harvest a West Virginia trophy/citation, to have it mounted for them.

28 Veterans Lane   St. George, WV  26287    PHONE:  304-478-4o85

About Us


Patriots 4 is owned and operated by a 35-year Marine Veteran and his wife, Randy and Robin Lane West.  Robin's father, Al Lane, Sr. retired from the Air Force after serving in World War II and Korea.  Randy served in Vietnam, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  They are assisted by their sons, Patrick and Randy Jr. and daughter-in-law Angie.  They were also assisted in the beginning by Robin's brother Al, a USAF Vet, and his wife Joanie, who lived on site during this critical period.  Thus, the name Patriots4.

      Family operated, they also have a love of the great outdoors. That love,combined with their deep patriotism and desire to show support  and appreciation for our wounded military and their families, has  inspired Patriots 4. They feel it is difficult to do too much for those who have sacrificed so much for all of us and the cause of freedom and a better  way of life.

our purpose 

Patriots 4 is a Non-profit Outdoor  Recreation Facility dedicated to providing outdoor activities  to wounded military veterans and their families.  Activities include camping;  hiking; hunting for turkey, bear, grouse and deer; and fishing for Small Mouth and Rock Bass on the Cheat River or for Trout in Clover Run. There are also stocked fishing ponds conveniently located adjacent to ramp-quipped cabins that enable fishing from  wheelchairs.

our heroes

Patriots 4 invites wounded veterans to visit twice a year and bring their family at no charge....Once for hunting and once for fishing.  Lodging, meals, hunting and/or fishing equipment,bait and ammo will be provided free of charge.  Meat from  wild game will be processed and prepared  without cost. Mounting of State Citation Trophies will also be provided. 

Tax-deductible  donations in support of this project can be mailed to Patriots 4,28 Veterans Lane, St. George, WV 26287 with checks made out to "Patriots 4".

“A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to their country for an amount up to, and including their life.”

~Gene Castagnetti

​​Patriots 4presently  boasts wheel-chair accessible cabins that are available for use by any wounded veteran and their family by reservation. The vision for Patriots 4 is to eventually  have 12 such cabins and a Lodge containing a dining facility, den/rec room and a bunk house.  We also have adaptable gear available to retrofit recreational equipment. 


 Non-wounded veterans receive a 10% discount.  

A portion of these proceeds also go toward supporting the wounded veteran programs.

Patriots 4 is family owned and operated!  Located in St. George,West Virginia, it is bordered on the east by the Cheat River, on the south by Clover Run, and on the west and north  by the Monongahela National Forest.  

Official Game Checking Station